Inspire Me Sdn Bhd

Inspiring others during the pandemic has always been every entrepreneur’s dream and vision combined. Behind the brains of Inspire Me Sdn Bhd, Joshua, its founder, told us what it was like setting up his company together with his mission in it. Aiming to “inspire” the concept of e-learning towards entrepreneurs and delivering master classes for trainers were Joshua’s intention for his startup. Engaging with customers to understand their plans whilst sharing business knowledge regarding ssm became a part of their project.

Why open a sdn bhd during the pandemic?

“There are always opportunities during this crisis,” quoted Joshua. As a trainer himself, Joshua believed the idea to train people with the current pandemic at hand became his keep point of “digitalizing content for trainers”.

What was the biggest challenge when opening a sdn bhd?

As it was a long process for traditionally opening a sdn bhd, Joshua chose the option to register one digitally, and procedures were tough initially, but with Boss Boleh’s help, things went smoothly.

What is your advice for those who want to form a sdn bhd?

Entrepreneurs coming together should be like-minded and have a similar vision. Most importantly, do not be afraid of failure.

Why Boss Boleh?

“They have a streamline process”. Having a bird’s eye view of the whole process has never been so rewarding. Boss Boleh’s customer service is tip-top, and I feel comfortable with their process as they deliver the services as advertised.

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