Why Sdn Bhd easier to get Bank Loan?

Sdn Bhd need to comply with Companies Act, every year need to prepare Audited Financial Statement and submit to SSM.

Sdn Bhd accounts is audited by Chartered accountants according to Accounting standards and Companies Act.

Banker will have higher confidence on Sdn Bhd because is more reliable when looking at your company financial performance audited by Independent auditor.

What is Audited Financial Statement (AFS) ?
AFS is like a dashboard/summary of the financial status of a business.

  • How much is the revenue?
  • How much is the earning of the company?
  • What assets/liabilities that company have?
  • How much cash/bank balance in the company?
  • Disclose on related party transaction etc

You can also buy the audited report from ssm at https://www.mydata-ssm.com.my/
Or whatsapp to our customer service to purchase a company profile.

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